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Irrigation & Sprinkler

Installation, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Since 2011, we’ve made a name for ourselves with expert sprinkler repair. How? Since we know that a broken sprinkler head is often an indication of a bigger problem, we offer much more than just a quick fix. Finding the root of the problem is often as easy as a comprehensive irrigation inspection. Because we’re confident in the solutions we apply, we automatically place a 12-month warranty on any sprinkler head we replace on your property.

Drip System Control

There are only two types of drip systems; those that are leaking and those that will soon need to be repaired. We can help you put a stop to that cycle. A properly installed an maintained drip system is one of the most efficient watering systems available. The problem we encounter is that most irrigation systems are hastily installed, then quickly forgotten. Getting control of watering will save you money and save us all water.

Automated Watering

Using the latest (but not the priciest) technology is key to your control. We’ve helped thousands of homes and businesses fix broken watering schedules. Putting all that experience to work for we’re able to your surrounding lush and beautiful without being wasteful.

Smart Controllers

Speaking of automated watering systems, this is a good time to mention Rachio. We prefer to use Rachio smart controllers on most jobs for the following reasons.


  • Maximum Efficiency: Nearly all our clients had the system pay for itself in a few months by reducing their water bill.


  • California State Rebates: We help you take advantage of these rebates to drastically lower your out of pocket. In many cases the rebates are so advantageous that the system has been purchased and installed for 10% or less of retail pricing.


  • Accessibility: When we install the system, it also connects to your home network and the internet. This gives you access to your home’s environmental controls from anywhere in the world.

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See how you can keep your wallet and your yard green while using less water.

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