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Beginning in March of 2020 restrictions on business operations by local, municipal, and state authorities began to be put in place as a response to a fast-spreading coronavirus that is impacting our communities. Since some of these will undoubtedly effect us, we fully expect to have continued disruptions as the authorities attempt to manage the spread of the virus. Below we will outline under what circumstances we will be forced to close.

Social Distancing Measures

Going forward Valleyscape personnel will comply with the recommendations by the CDC to avoid physical contact and maintain effective physical distance from individuals we work with. This, coupled with the enhanced sanitation of frequently used surfaces and equipment will be a fixture of our operations all through 2020. So if we don’t shake your hand, don’t be offended. However, we will also be utilizing the conveniences of modern technology, by having phone or video conferences with more and more clients rather than face-to-face conversations.

When Authorities Issue Restrictions

While the United States and California itself have seen a patchwork of emergency declarations and restrictions we can typically break these down into 2 types:

Enhanced social distancing measures are when the authorities will restrict smaller gatherings, clubs and bars, shutter gyms and other high-contact environments, and force restaurants to close their dining rooms to patrons and switch to a strictly pickup or delivery business model. During these times Valleyscape will remain in operation, though our office may not be fully staffed, or staffed in person.

Shelter In Place / Lockdown Orders are a more disruptive measures that place Valleyscape in a unique position. All “non-essential” businesses are meant to close and public life is generally curtailed, but businesses that perform vital functions are allowed to continue to operate. These include Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Gas Stations, and we’ve determined; us. While we certainly will respect the order by making our personnel stay home and curtailing any sort of non-urgent job, there are some of our services that will be required of the community and we are still obliged to make ourselves available for. These are situations where water is being wasted or needs to be restored to the house, or repairs are needed to any other outdoor water fixture that requires attention and could potentially lead to the house in question having to have it’s water turned off.

*Note: The “Shelter In Place” order invoked by Governor Gavin Newsom for the entire state of California on the evening of March 19th goes beyond many routine social distancing measures, but stops short of many “Shelter In Place” orders given in other States and Countries. For example, under the March 19th order Restaurants are still allowed to perform deliveries, and the order has so far not been subject to law enforcement.

We can’t ask for a better community or clientele to serve. We know that we’ll get through all the uncertainty and disruption together, if apart. Thank you for the interest and patronage of our business, and please continue support other local small businesses anyway that you can. We’re all relying on each other, and we all need to continue serving and servicing the community to pull this off. Stay safe.

– Your friends at Valleyscape