Valleyscape believes in quality service and an upfront business model. Though our scope of work varies, its important to us that our clients be as informed as possible at all times. The pricing mentioned on this page are rough estimates and we look forward to discussing your job with you. 

Please Note All Products/Work Includes At Least A One Year Warranty. Certain Products Carry A Longer Warranty, Reach Out To Us For More Information.

  • Sprinkler Valve starts at $225, and Drip System Valves start at $275.
  • Broken Pipe Repairs: Starts at $225, If larger pipe it can be $600 plus.
  • New Sprinkler Controllers: Starts at $325 and can be as high as $850 if it will be outside and minor electrical work is needed. 
  • Broken Sprinkler Replacement: Starts at $95 but can be higher if roots are involved or if the riser pipe under the head is broken. Most of the time it will be between $95 and $195. 

Upgrading Sprinkler System To A Water Efficient System:

  • Starts at $500, If multiple Zones are to be upgraded it is common to be $2500 – $4000. 
  • Large rebates do apply. See below for more information. 
  • New Sprinkler or Drip System Zone: Starts at $1300 and can be as high as $2500. In Most cases it will be between $1500-$2000. 
  • Pressure Regulator Installation (¾-1 inch size): Starts at $550 and can be as high as $850. 
  • Wiring Repairs: Start at $149.
  • Landscape Lighting: Starts at $1395 for 5 lights and the basic components. Most tract homes will cost between $2500 and $5000 to light the front and back yards. Larger Custom properties typically are between $5000 and $40,000. 
  • Rebates: The Municipal Water District Of Southern California (MWD) funds programs through the local water districts and offers rebates on Smart Controllers and Low Flow sprinkler heads. 
    • Valleyscape will file the appropriate rebate forms with MWD and you as the client will receive a check directly from MWD within 8 weeks. 
    • Smart Controllers (tract homes) $80-$145
    • Smart Controllers (over 1 acre) $560
    • California-Preferred Sprinklers $2 per sprinkler.

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