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Landscaping isn’t easy. Even if your project seems to be a simple one, there is always more to creating and maintaining a great-looking property than meets the eye. We understand that, and that’s how Valleyscape has become the Temecula Landscaping company of choice.

Creating the Perfect Temecula Landscape Design

If you’re considering major changes to your landscape, Valleyscape can bring a lot to the table. We’ve helped to create some of the most pleasant and efficient landscapes in Temecula, CA. Both commercial and residential properties can benefit the most from Valleyscape. From the initial consultation, to the work ethic and clean up, we have a waste-not attitude to your property. Plants will be healthy, grass will be green, and water – lots of water – will be saved. A properly maintained yard starts with the installation, and we install the best landscaping in Temecula.

Maintenance and Major Work

When hiring a regular Temecula landscape maintenance provider there are always a few considerations: Cost, quality, and reliability. Getting HOA violations when you’re already paying someone to “maintain” your yard is no fun. Typically Valleyscape does not perform routine residential maintenance in Temecula, CA. However, if you suspect that your gardener is out of their depth, and perhaps not qualified to handle the repair or installation of irrigation lines, sprinklers, or the outdoor or low-voltage landscape lighting then Valleyscape is the company to call. We also encourage you to read our helpful guide to ease the hiring process, so you end up with a good contractor.

Making your Temecula Landscape Greener and more Efficient

One more way that Valleyscape can help you maintain your landscape is by taking it to the next level; more efficient yards look better and are drastically cheaper. It might seem too good to be true that your property could look better and cost you less while doing it, but many of our thousands of Temecula clients have experienced just that. We do this by overhauling your automated watering schedules to run exactly how they need to be running. Combining this with weather-conscious timers and tuning the flow of water to your yard drastically improve the health of your grass and foliage, while trimming the water bill. We use advanced, low maintenance fertilizer injection systems to deliver nutrients to your plants and grass and minimize their water usage.

If you’d like to discuss your project with us, or learn more about what we do, visit our contact page and learn how we can make Temecula better.