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Fertilizer injection system

Better than rain.

The Benefits of BioFeed


  • Reduces sodium toxicity.
  • Oxygenates the soil
  • Enhances nutrient mobility and root uptake. 


With BioFeed your property can experience the regrowth you’ve always wanted. The BioFeed unit delivers a rich soil and plant additive direct to the feeding plants. 

BioFeed Explained

BioFeed adds on to your existing irrigation infrastructure, but using your drip lines, sprinklers, or even hoses to deliver it’s healthy payload to your grateful plants. 

The BioFeed dispenser is designed to last. Built around a rustesistant stainless steel tank, your BioFeed unit – and the plants it feeds – might just outlast your house.

In many drought-prone areas – including southern California – plant growth is stunted by the lack of rain. Greater than just the absence of water, salt and other minerals are not flushed from the soil and will block nutrients for reaching the eager roots of your plants. BioFeed breaks this cycle and allows your foliage to flourish while cutting back water usage. 

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BioFeed - Better than rain.