Temecula Landscaper

Temecula Landscaper

Environmental Lighting


Using an elaborate arrangement of light emitting diodes, we create beautiful and practical illuminated landscapes. A skillfully illuminated landscape realizes the full potential for your home.

 We use only the best and brightest brands for our work, including Vista, Fx Luminaire, Volt and Sollos


Start to finish services include Planning, Design, Installation all within your budget.


Our industry knowledge makes us the perfect choice to repair, replace, or upgrade an existing system.

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Our Specialties

Controlling your environment in every way that counts.
  • Responsible Irrigation Installs
    • Environmentally-conscience greenery.
    • Waste free installations.
  • Responsive Irrigation Repair
    • Inspections and troubleshooting.
    • Sprinkler repair.
    • System Tuning.
  • Ambient Lighting Installation and Repair
    • Energy efficient designs.
    • Creative concepts and installation.
    • Low-voltage lighting repairs or replacement.
  • Water Conservation Installations and Inspection
    • Rachio installation professionals.
    • Water conservation experts.
    • Reducers of water waste and expense.
Irrigation Repair
Environmental Lighting
Water Conservation

Irrigation Repair and Installation


With over 10 years of experience in water trouble-shooting and repair, Valleyscape’s technicians can find and solve any problem. Trained on diagnoses, we will find the real reason why your system needs repair and solve the real problem.

Sprinkler system, drip system, and general irrigation repair and installation


Quality inspection with every repair job and warrantied parts


Servicing Residential and Commercial Clients
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Water Conservation and Control


Water is precious. So is your money. We’ve teamed up with Rachio smart controllers to help you save both. After we’ve done everything to make your watering system lean and efficient, smart watering schedules can save further resources by monitoring the weather and reducing water usage when it rains. You’ll have easy access to alter your water usage in real-time through an app on your phone.

A multi-point inspection will  reveal water waste you never knew was occuring


State incentives dramatically lower the cost of a smart system and it’s installation


Our clients routinely save more money in the first few months than the installed system costs them

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