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If you have a large yard, or any yard with a large drip system you’ll be interested in keeping your greenery looking the best you can. When you’ve already installed a drip system and have regular watering to make your yards healthy, the next step is a fertilizer injection system. 

The primary advantages of having a fertilizer injection system like this, is it allows you to consistently apply a slow-acting fertilizer directly into the irrigation system you already have installed. Rather than having plants infused with a large dose via the soil. The chemicals working in tandem with your watering are safer and product far better results than other options.

Another key to keeping your plants happy, is to repel common pests like gophers. The EZ Flow Fertilizer gives you the option to have repellent dispensed as you water.


Speaking of poison, the last thing you want it water from your irrigation lines backing up into your indoor water. So whatever unit you might decide to go with, be sure it has a back-flow prevention device to keep the up stream water clean.


The disadvantages to a system like this is mainly the initial costs. However, the investment may be well worth the expense, especially if you’ve tried everything else, and still can’t get the green yard your neighbors have. After all, your neighbors might just have one of these.